D.R. Trip 2018 – Day 3

Volunteers Passing Out Supplies

Update on Medical Clinic by Mr. Gaines

For the 3rd consecutive year, we have been running a medical clinic, which has brought free care and medicine to hundreds of the most vulnerable in the community. This year we are blessed to have 3 parents/doctors using their gifts to bless so many. So far we have seen over 220 patients in 2 days treating all sorts of conditions. We have brought relief to the elderly suffering from arthritis, given care to people will heart conditions, including one having a mild heart attack, helped diagnose and manage diabetes, not to mention the dozens who received antibiotics to fight infections, and the list goes on!

Last year we treated a young man named Alejandro who got his bare foot caught in a motorcycle wheel. Yes, it looked as bad as it sounds. He came in months after the accident having never received any medical treatment. Still on crutches and unable to walk, his heel bone was exposed with the wound still open and badly infected. He received treatment from Dr. Khedia in the hopes that there would be some healing, that he would walk again and save his foot. Today, as we giving shoes to the men in the village, Alejandro WALKED in to get a pair of shoes. I immediately greeted him and had him show me his foot. It looked so much better and yet still needed attention. So today, he had his follow up appointment, where he was seen by Dr. Diekmann and was given more antibiotics that should help him continue his recovery. I was reminded yet again that the good news is so holistic and extends far beyond what we say. It has the power to save our hearts and also the power to save our feet.

“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, “Your God reigns!” Isaiah 52:7

Day 3 Recap Written by Students Alyssa, Sarah, and Daniella

It’s 7:00 AM when Mrs. Martinez wakes you up and when you realize you’ve only gotten 4 hours of sleep the previous night, but images of los niños chiquitos flood through your head and soon, you gain all the motivation in the world to get ready. Morning devotions are a place to seclude yourself from others and prepare your mind for the day that’s to come. Breakfast goes by quickly and before you know you’re off to the foundation to reunite with your amigitas! As we pass through the barrio, curious faces peek through our bus windows. Pulling into the foundation puts automatic smiles on our faces as children scream “Americanos, Americanos!” We rushed down to the field immediately and began painting nails with the girls and playing futbol with the boys. After playing “tapao” (aka tag), futbol, multiple hand games, and giving way too many caballito rides, we served lunch to the elders and children.The elders were very appreciative of the love, care, and attention they were given through song and services. Today was really special because all the children, elders, and staff were fed! We met the famous Charro, and let me tell you she lived up to her stories, she has a thriving passion and zest for life. Her love for children gave her the motivation to open up a school for her community within her home. We drove back to the foundation and said a long goodbye to the children and passed out sugar cane to los niños who had left school. Then, we ended our day with a quick swim in the Caribbean Ocean.

Thanks to Foothill Christian Preschool for donating over 100 pairs of “The Shoe that Grows” for children in the D.R. What a blessing it was for our team to distribute them to children in need.

FCS Alumni, Megan Peters (center), was able to join our team to revisit and serve in the D.R. again!